Denver, Colorado – Pill box health

I am kind of shocked today at Costco’s pharmacy. I know that Costco is bulk buying, but there are weird things. Like soap. How will you ever use 20 pieces of soap bars, especially since invention of liquid soap? But I am completely at a loss when determining the shelves with over-the-counter medicines: allergies, eye complaints, cold, and particularly pain. The tablets are stored in plastic screw-top jars with 400 pieces. Holy smokes, what do the Americans do with 400 pain killers? Is there a secret around? Do they illegally deal with them on the internet? Bequeath them to their descendants? Share with neighbours? Fertilize flowers?

Then I thought a little about it. It is not as unreal as it looks for the first moment. If you do not exceed the recommended daily dose of eight tablets, you could use the jar in less than two months. If you share it with your partner “Darling, would you like to have a pill with your coffee?” you could halve the time. And if you mix some of the coloured capsules among your children’s Smarties box – they will not exceptionally stand out – the jar will be lickety-split empty. And you can get a new one when shopping next time at Costco.

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