Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – A dependable geyser

From Firehole Canyon Dive via Lower Geyser Basin and Firehole Lake Drive up to Midway Geyser Basin: There are colourful hot springs everywhere or steam and water bubbles surprisingly from somewhere. Many kilometres of hiking paths were set up to walk around between the boiling, steaming and spitting attractions. Bison herds are spread out all over the park, and walk around between the geysers and along the roads without caring too much for people or cars. The main commercial infrastructure with hotel, restaurant, souvenir shop and thousands of parking spaces is situated at Upper Geyser Basin around Old Faithful Geyser and the largest area of thermal activities. Old Faithful erupts more frequently than any of the other big geysers, in the average about every 90 minutes. Its fountain is up to 55 m / 184 feet high. Not the highest in the park, but impressive anyway.

In Mud Volcano area instead of clear water a grey sludge of rainwater, melted snow, and residue gurgles. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is completely different to what we have seen so far in the park. Yellowstone River races down two waterfalls through a 30 km / 20 miles long and more than 300 m / 1000 feet deep canyon. Each at north and south rim there is a road with several view points. The lower falls with 93 m / 308 feet are most impressive. Here you can see from where the name Yellowstone comes. The walls of the canyon are formed by intense yellow limestone, interrupted by orange, brown and green layers – an image of rare beauty.

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