Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia + Port Angeles, Washington – Farewell and new beginning

For our farewell Canada shows itself at its best. On our last day in this country a shining sun on a perfectly blue sky sais goodbye. We ourselves have to say goodbye to Branca and Anton whose hospitality we enlisted such a long time. From Victoria we take the Ferry to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

The US Border Officers are very friendly and uncomplicated. I may even keep the rest of the apples that I still have from Ludwig in the Okanagan Valley, just citrus fruit would have been a problem, but we don’t even have meet or fish. Even our main problem, the wrong 3-months-visa from Alaska, is solved here: They just issue a new visa for six months, beginning from today, and we don’t even have to pay for this new visa. After one and a half hours ferry trip, we have to pass the border control another time. After answering two questions and 30 seconds everything is done and we are in the United States of America.

30 Miles later, right after Sequim, Wallace is waiting for us. He had invited us when we met him in Alaska. His wife Bev is gone for visiting her relatives, but Wally has organized a finger food party for us, where we tell all his friends and neighbours about our travels.

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