Frankfurt, Germany + Vancouver, British Columbia – Simulated worst-case scenario

The worldwide biggest flight catastrophe simulation takes part on Frankfurt Airport today of all days. Two scrapped airplanes portray a crash on the new runway that’s not yet in operation. There shall be 500 injured, played by actors. All rescue units like fire brigade, ambulances, teams of doctors, and hospitals, all of them are involved. The emergency exercise shall bring insights for Europe’s air traffic for the next years. Not even the airport employees new before which airline would be “affected” by the accident. In the airport, it is obvious that Lufthansa is the one. The queues there are even longer than in Vancouver. Poor passengers. But Condor is checked in separately, so we do not have to suffer from this.

The flight, however, is not a pleasure at all. The space for my legs between the seats borders on bodily harm, the air is warm and stale, the food is unreasonable. I am wondering how I can survive a flight without getting claustrophobia and a thrombosis. But is it the airlines’ immeasurable profit aspirations? Or is it us, who want everything cheaper and cheaper, including the flights?

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