Vancouver, British Columbia – Long waiting, poor organisation?

Branca brings is with her car to the ferry port Duke Point. From there we ferry to Tsawwassen in two hours, and take a taxi to the airport, it is not too much more expensive than the bus for two passengers. We’ve got plenty of time, the flight will depart at 6 pm, and we arrive at the terminal at 1 pm. Lufthansa checks in the Condor airline passengers. A sign announces that check-in will start at 1:30 pm, and we are one of the first passengers in the waiting line, so half an hour waiting time sounds not too bad. We are waiting and waiting, the queue is getting longer and longer, but nothing happens. None of the airport employees shows up. In the end all 270 passengers of the airplane stand in one line, I never saw a longer queue. At 3 pm my patience trained in ten years living in Africa is at the end. I ask one of the ground hosts according to which time zone the check-in at 1:30 pm was calculated, but the employee answers tersely that they first want to check in the two Lufthansa flights and then start with our Condor flight. Somebody would take care sometime. I’m prepared for waiting another couple of hours, but then the steward seems to take care nevertheless. Soon the check-in starts, and at 4 pm we are done. The Lufthansa counter at Vancouver International Airport had to check in incredible three flights today, and that seems to be too much for them. Or what is the reason to keep passengers waiting uninformed?

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