Langley, British Columbia – From sky to sea down to Vancouver

Once more we climb on the chaos of tree-trunks, stones and meanwhile solidified cement-like gunge, before we return to the highway that’s now called Sea-to-Sky Highway. We pay Whistler a short visit, beside Vancouver the main venue for the Olympic Winter Games in 2010. Pretty, tidy, organised, touristy, and expensive. Another stop is meant for Shannon Falls, a waterfall that falls over several steps 335 m deep. We drive into Vancouver on the four-lane highway high above city and Pacific. In any case it is recommended to fill up your tank before arriving in Vancouver – in Squamish when coming from the north or in Chilliwack when approaching from west. Fuel is more expensive in Vancouver due to a special tax to finance the public transport system. The city of Vancouver has 580,000 inhabitants, the metro area 2.3 million people. One of the suburbs is Langley where we will be expected by Simon and Kerry who invited us since they are interested in buying a Unimog.

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