Lillooet, British Columbia – Perfectly camouflaged hunters with bow and arrow

On more time we squeeze through narrow wood paths, over mountains and through valleys, slide in the mud, throw with lumps of earth, meet hunters and anglers, and sometimes nobody for long time. A couple with camouflage battledresses and a camouflage coloured ATV take their tiny Yorkshire Terrier dressed in a camouflage pullover for a hunt with camouflage compound bows. We are enjoying the BC off-road feeling that usually does not reveal to the average tourist. Sometimes dry steppe succeeds against the forest, and rarely something else than pale green sagebrush grows. In other places, however, the forest is so humid that lime-green moss tufts overgrow dead branches. In Ashcroft we reach asphalt road. The terraced mountains are dressed in brown grass without any yellow shimmer. Thompson River flows through Black Canyon. The valley’s walls are really completely black. Via Cache Creek we get to Hwy # 99 to Lillooet. Around 150 years ago, during the local gold rush, the village was one of the biggest cities north of San Francisco. But nobody notices this today. Behind Lillooet suddenly imposing dark mountains appear, it flashes and thunders around us, and the dark rain clouds let us believe it is in the middle of the night.

The electricity producer BC Hydro runs a couple of rest areas and complimentary campgrounds. One is at Seton Lake south of Lillooet where not too much is going on in spite of the long holiday weekend. Just when we are parking a triangle between the mountains clears up and a stripe of blue sky appears. After half an hour sun shines, the rainbow fades slowly and the fresh thick snow cover on the top of the mountains sparkles. Way too early in the year, the Canadians around us claim. We decide to have supper together, a campfire and beer to celebrate today’s hunting success of the group. The woman shot her first deer. We get deer steaks and moose burgers for the way and return self-picked organic apples.

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