Osoyoos, British Columbia –Germans in Osyoos

We make our way through to the very south and close the US-American border. The many wineries don’t make our life easier, but soon the wine box is full that shares the space under our table with the ciabatta breads since yesterday. Now the weather is as it is expected to be: sunny, dry, and at least warm. The Southern European appearing ambience is now really shown to advantage: the grass covered hills that are dry-brown since early summer; the elongated lakes in the valley; the irrigated and therefore ample green vineyards and endless orchards; the numberless fruit and vegetable stands along the road or the offers to pick fruits yourself. Osoyoos has given itself a Mexican architecture what’s not completely inappropriate if we forget being in Canada. We go up for a couple of kilometres Hwy # 3 east in the opposite than our travel direction to reach Anarchist Mountain viewpoint, where we expect to shoot the perfect photo from southern Okanagan Valley. Back to Osoyoos while drinking coffee at Osoyoos Lake, we are the village’s attraction. Rita picks us up, invites us and describes the way to her home since she has still to work in town. But there are some precautions to take: She explains how to open and close the gate not to let the horse run away. Her husband Ingo might shoot, but if we drive slowly and wave our hands it should be o.k. But we can’t get away since we have to answer so many questions and receive good advice for the closer routing. Then Ludwig arrives. He has discovered the Bavarian flag sticker on our truck. In spite of his retirement age and his more than 20 years in Canada he stayed a typical Bavarian. But he doesn’t want to go back. Why then? „Here it is like home at the Tegernsee Lake south of Munich. It’s just not that cold. But I don’t need the snow any more.” We already have an invitation for tonight, but we promise to pass by tomorrow before continuation of our journey.

Again we go up Anarchist Mountain where Rita and Ingo have a log house on the mountain with a marvellous view to the lake. The completely glazed gable is aligned to southwest and offers a dream view to lake, mountains, town, even the border crossing-point and the American side. The two brought their three children 20 years ago to Canada, secured their early retirement with a holiday and horse ranch in the Rocky Mountains and eventually moved to the mild climate of the Okanagan.

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