Kamloops, British Columbia – Warm climate with heavy storm

Kamloops is industrial town, traffic junction, and ideal supply point for travellers. At Costco we buy the obligatory broiled chicken, some ham, cheese, and cake – of course everything more expensive that in Alaska. The funniest thing we take is a bag of the size of a half potato sack with 18 small ciabatta breads. It lies now under our table since there is no space elsewhere. The city might not hold a particular attraction, but its location is fantastic. It snuggles up to a river triangle between numberless brown-green hills, covered with grass dried in the summer heat. Rivers carved valleys and canyons into the hills millions of years ago. Green areas are only found with irrigation. Forests grow only sparsely, but slowly more southern trees like cypress and weeping willows are put in the picture. Kamloops is regarded as the warmest city in Canada. To our great delight it meets our expectations today. Today is the first day with continuous sunshine, pleasant temperatures, blue sky and little white clouds after a long bad-weather period along the Northern Pacific.

We finish off our 16th wedding anniversary with a bottle of wine and a nice dinner on a pitch at a lake outside the city. A heavy storm befalls us during the night. Without any precipitation, but waves on the pond grow to a remarkable size and wind howls frighteningly.

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