Tête Jaune Cache, British Columbia – Caesar – emperor or cocktail?

In Tête Jaune Cache Yellowhead Highway splits into the main route # 16 east to Jasper National Park and feeder road # 5 called Yellowhead South Highway. We are following the southern route.

In the evening we allow ourselves a Caesar. That’s the Canadian national cocktail, not dissimilar to a Bloody Mary. Main difference is puréed clam meat. Ugh, yuk, yuck?!?!?! Not really. First of all clams serve as flavour enhancers, similar to fish sauce or oyster sauce in Asian dishes. Basic ingredient for a Caesar is called clam juice, available in every grocery, consisting mainly of tomato juice and the said clam juice, salt and spices. You add vodka and ice and season with Tabasco, Worcester sauce, and celery salt. Cheers!

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