Prince George, British Columbia – Where the hell does climate change come from?

British Columbia does a lot of self-advertising. In folders, at signs, and on posters they advertise the slogan “Super, Natural”. That’s a trade mark, believe it or not! Every now and then signs post “BC is idle-free”. During in Europe cars are designed to turn off their engine as soon as the car stops and start automatically on setting off, Canadian drivers keep their car engines running, even when they leave the car for example to go to the washroom. Of course this behaviour requires a low crime rate, since in other places in the world the car would be gone during driver’s absence. The truck driver who arrives at night at the same rest area where we overnight already turns off his engine after half an hour. Unfortunately he decides to leave in the early morning. It seems to be necessary to warm up the engine for more than an hour before departure. Asked about glacier retreat, change in the weather or extreme weather phenomenon most Canadians answer: That’s climate change. Where about does that come from?

Prince George is the only bigger city in the area. There is Wal-Mart, Costco, diverse groceries, fast-food restaurants and whatever you need. Good for shopping, but otherwise you can pass on the main road, there is nothing to see.

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