Yellowhead Highway, British Columbia – Theories about toilet paper

Do you know those useless sociology studies that publish some statistical numbers without dealing more precisely with prerequisites or reasons? I’ve read one study about toilet paper. Essential topic. Half of mankind is said to fold toilet paper, the other one crumple it. Europeans tended to fold during Americans would more likely crumple. Who ever visited a public washroom in America or Canada, especially those ones on rest areas, knows that the only option to handle their paper is crumpling. This human behaviour has nothing to do with preference, but only with material texture. North American toilet tissue is not only single-layer, but thin as parchment so that you could read the newspaper through it. At least it is somehow soft. First you are forced to unwind a couple of metres to achieve any effect. Then, it is very difficult to fold this snake especially as you would have to step onto the bog seat not to drag the paper on the ground. Therefore even a European is forced to be a crumpling one.

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