Alaska Hwy, Alaska + Yukon – Back to Canada

In Tok we are reaching the Alaska Highway. There is no border control on leaving Alaska. Right after the American border guard at the Yukon welcome sign a six metres wide aisle was cut exactly on the 141. longtitude into the forest. The path marks since 1925 for 1000 km between Demarcation Point at the Arctic Ocean and Mount St. Elias the border between Canada and Alaska which was fixed in 1908. The Canadian border crossing-point is 30 km further south just before Beaver Creek.

We reach Kluane Lake in the evening. The Alaska Highway follows the shoreline for more than 50 km, skirted by the Nisling Range in the north and the foothills of St. Elias Mountains in the south. The mountains are shimmering green in the last sunlight. We just have got time for a beer at the lake, then the clouds are brewing and a thunderstorm is arising.

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