Sterling Hwy, Alaska – Smoking volcanoes in the very west

On our way south-west to Kenai Peninsula we are following the Turnagain Arm that shows with eleven metres the greatest tidal change of North America. There is a 30 km long side road along Skilak Lake not only with pretty views and complimentary campgrounds, but with tons of mushrooms as well. We can’t resist. At Anchor Point a short trip brings us to the most western point in North America that you can reach by car: 151° 52’ western longitude. There you find an amazing panorama of the mountains on the other side of the Cook Inlet, belonging to the Ring of Fire. Just from here you can see five active volcanoes that spit ashes from time to time.

Two Golden Eagles are sitting on the gravel beach sharing a fish. A seal curiously puts its head out of the water and an osprey is passing by to see if there might be some fish left for it. Hundreds of seagulls are sitting shrieking around the eagles awaiting their opportunity. As I am thinking that eagles must have got nerves of steel they are taking off enervated and leaving the screaming folks.

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