Anchorage, Alaska – Pleasantly large cheese and worrying huge chicken

If you want or have to shop in Alaska, it is best to do it in Anchorage. Alaska’s mainly high price level is lower here, and there are no sales taxes. At Costco we eventually find edible cheese for reasonable price – even when it means I have to buy a kilo-plate feta, a double-double pack mozzarella, and carriage wheel-sized brie.

In Canada a fresh chicken costs around twelve appetite suppressing Canadian Dollars. Conveniently broiled you can get it for 8 $ – a mystery. Canadian mothers complain of their daughters tending to precocious growth and getting huge bosoms they had dreamt of their entire life, or paid a lot of money to the plastic surgeon. Most of them accept this shrugging their shoulders. At Alaskan Costco we buy a huge broiled chicken for less than five US-Dollars; we will eat three times from it. There was no remark not to be treated with growth hormones. I just hope that my growth phase is yet completed. But taste was good…

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