Steese Hwy + Elliott Hwy + Dalton Hwy, Alaska – Forest fire at the Arctic Circle

It’s 780 km from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, from Steese via Elliott and James Dalton Highway. One of these roads you have to have travelled once in your life. It is the only route across the Arctic Circle to the high north of Alaska. Dalton Highway was actually built for construction and maintenance of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. Just in 1994 it was completely opened to public traffic. The oil pipe lies mainly above the ground to avoid thawing the permafrost. There is no fence; you can reach the pipeline everywhere. After passing the Arctic Circle northbound for a second time on this journey we are seeing a thick forest fire’s trail of smoke. Even though forest is a bit exaggerated. The “pipe cleaner firs” are so short, that you could see any moose kilometres ahead since it would stick out. Traffic is getting less since many tourists just go up to the Arctic Circle. Most travellers we meet drive on two wheels – with or without engine.

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