Fairbanks, Alaska – Arminius at North Pole

There are many moose up here. However, one is managing to create a traffic jam. The buck is bursting with health and has got a huge antler. As many animals of this size he is patiently enduring the photo session, is looking several times into the camera lens until he’s loosing interest and leaving.

The village North Pole 20 km in front of Fairbanks got its name hoping to attract toy industry what seems to have succeeded. Since American kids believe Father Christmas to live at the North Pole the Santa Claus House was erected here. In front of the house an oversize St. Nicolas welcomes the visitors; inside you get all year round everything connected to Christmas. Pure kitsch and a huge business. You may send letters from Santa Claus to children all over the world. It is not very surprising that roads carry names like St. Nicolas Drive, Santa-Claus Lane, Polar Plaza, or Snowman Drive.

Fairbanks itself isn’t too interesting, but if driving up to Prudhoe Bay make sure to stock up with groceries there, because on the way north there is just minimum supply.

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