Campbell Hwy and Klondike Hwy, Yukon – A lonesome highway and a terrific river

In the morning upon departure the first shock: We are locked in! Yesterday night we went for sleeping to a gravel pit we pretended to be unused. The gate has been open. We have heard a car stopping there this morning, but there was nothing we could have done. And now that! I am already thinking with which tools I could free us. With the axe? Perhaps with the machete? Or does Joerg have to assemble his chain saw that is somewhere stored in parts? All the excitement was for nothing. The gate is closed, but not locked.

Today’s rain changes the gravel road into a muddy track. Campbell Highway winds its way through the two mountain chains and crosses a number of rivers and brooks. I am glad about the rain in view of many forest fire areas. Just before the highway ends we meet Yukon River. It impresses us from the first moment on. It is green, wide, and fast. The mighty river has created a whole labyrinth of side branches and big wooded islands. In Carmacks we are reaching Klondike Highway. There is nothing than a gas station with acceptable prices and an astonishing well-ranged supermarket. A few kilometres north it’s worth to stop at the Five-Finger-Rapids. From above, they don’t look so dangerous, but many gold miners have died in the rapids on their way to Dawson City. Even the shuffle boats later on really had problems with them.

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