Slave Lake, Alberta – Lake barbecue instead of missed opportunities

For the second time we are missing a mega party. After Calgary Stampede we are loosing Edmonton’s Capital EX as well. Stampede is said to be the world’s biggest outdoor event (again one of Canada’s beloved superlatives) and attracts up to 1.2 Million visitors. The entrance fees of the monster rodeo are superlative as well. After waiting a week for Arminius to be repaired we didn’t want to spend more time. We left Calgary on Wednesday morning while Stampede started on Friday. For Capital Ex we are a week too early. I wanted to see the spectacular RCMP Musical Ride where you can see Mounties in their parade uniform. Instead we are saying good-bye to the guys of Prestige Auto Repair. Al is putting a bison roast into our hands with important advices how to cook it. Then we are on our way through the prairie that didn’t gain excitement in the meantime. Flat land with meadows and forests, a road without curves, from time to time some canola and wheat fields, a couple of rivers and lakes. Slave lake is final destination today. Archie and Torrie have a beautiful lake plot there and an “entertainment center” called annex with a terrace where the most tender and moist AAA Alberta beef is prepared in a smoker that we ever ate. In the night, little lake waves are lulling us into sleep.

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