Edmonton, Alberta – Save on fuel

This morning our parcel is arriving that we were expecting so urgently. There are two taps from Germany inside to replace our cheaper leaking and dripping ones. While exchanging the faucets today we will have to hop in and out of the cabin, get the tools and store them back, put on and take off rain jacket. Weather seems to be crazy today. According to my tour guide book warm and mostly dry summer weather distinguishes Edmonton’s prairie climate. Precipitation is rare and connected to short but heavy thunderstorms. Only that in this year the rain-free periods between thunderstorms turn out pretty short.

Wal-Marts in Edmonton are quite recommendable. Grocery department is as big as in other super markets; there are even fresh fruits and vegetables. Edmonton is probably one of the last cities where you can buy food and fuel your car for quite a good price. To the North and even in British Columbia everything is expected to be more expensive. At Superstore’s gas bar we are getting diesel for 80.9 Cents plus a 5.4 Cents voucher per litre for shopping at Superstore. Seems to be worth with 400 l tank capacity.

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