Cochrane, Alberta – Arminius is back on the road again

Continuously good news: Even at cold start Arminius behaves and does without smoking. We buy a bunch of diesel additive, the engines definitely runs better with it. Ernie, the GCL Sales Manager, poured a bottle of conditioner into one of our tanks last Friday to test it. We went around on the weekend. Our smoke and sound problem didn’t disappear with it, but it already improved.

In the afternoon we return to John and Lyndel a few kilometres outside of Calgary. We met both of them and their family already on Saturday a bit more than one week ago on a pick-nick ground and were invited to a barbecue at mother’s house. Today we are requested to come to Cochrane. We watch the soccer world cup semi final game. Germany is defeated by Spain 0:1, so we better cancel this unpleasant topic. John is professional photographer and we might admire his pictures and photo equipment. In the evening one of the famous Canadian barbecues with steaks and salmon happen, there is more family, and eventually we meet the German neighbours Conny and Frank who immigrated to Canada 23 years ago.

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