Calgary, Alberta – Back to friends

The South African mechanic in the special workshop for fuel systems removes our injection nozzles and puts them on the test bed. The result isn’t too encouraging. The injection pattern of two nozzles isn’t correct, and the four other don’t keep the injection pressure. We’d better exchange all six what tears a big hole into our vacation fund. Canada seems to have very poor-quality diesel, many truckers have mentioned that to us. Most of them use additives to improve diesel quality, what would be in Europe for an engine of that kind pouring out money in the drain. But here it seems to be an investment worthwhile. Freight forwarders pour diesel conditioners into their tanks and apportion that to transportation costs. There are few private diesel cars in Canada. Even large motorhomes run on gas. We are ordering the spare parts that shall arrive tomorrow and hope that it’ll be done with that.

GCL company was very obliging. Since the car can’t be moved anymore as soon as the nozzles are removed we had not to go into the workshop. The mechanics do all the maintenance on the parking lot in front of the garage what required at least halfway good weather, of course. This allows us to stay in the cabin and not to have to stay at a hotel or to enlist our friends’ help.

We are invited for dinner at our friends’ house. There is big joy to meet Lynn and Claude again much earlier than expected, and it becomes a long evening. But who knows the plans of Big Manitou?

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