Calgary, Alberta – German soccer in Irish pub in Canadian Calgary

This morning we have to get up early. We’ve parked directly in front of a sports bar that will show the international soccer match. At eight o’clock we enter the Irish pub to watch the world cup match Germany vs. Argentina. During a rich breakfast we watch together with many other Germany fans in a packed inn how Argentina gets dismantled 4:0 in the quarter final. I am glad that Maradona will not run nakedly along the beach as announced. Who wants to see that? The small enclave Argentina fans will get over the defeat. Most of Germany’s fans don’t or nearly don’t speak German. Perhaps they have German roots, maybe they are simply fans.

We are going back to the industrial area where the Bosch agency is situated since we can stay there over night. In the evening George visits us. He came as Rumanian refugee 30 years ago to Canada, lives in his Dodge van converted to a camper and is a truck driver. George has many stories and jokes at the ready. His car is packed with many things he generously distributes like vegetables, cheese, and a Rocky Mountain tour guide book. We drink schnapps and beer together. George’s got some interesting opinions and insights as well. He admits that fuel is more expensive in Germany. But in Canada distances were huge, it was necessary to go many kilometres to get somewhere, you used more petrol or diesel, and in the end you altogether paid more for fuel. Not completely illogical, isn’t it?

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