Calgary, Alberta – Diagnostic plugs at Freightliner and mechanics at Bosch

An early call this morning at Freightliner Calgary gives us hope: We might come; they are willing to take care for our problem. Mercedes Benz trucks run in North America under the brand name Freightliner and are our contact partners. Two mechanics and one serviceman are poking their noses in our engine compartment, like the expedition mobile, and are making educated guesses. Unfortunately Freightliners just have diagnostic plugs with computers to tell them what’s broken and which part to change; there is not too much knowledge about simple mechanic things. But all of them are very helpful; they find another contact for us and the address as well.

Arriving there we happily realize that it is a Bosch agency. Our injection pump is from Bosch and the possible problem source. It becomes better and better: The boss of the agency gets his special mechanics. He already repaired military Unimog in South Africa and knows the ropes. We are analyzing, discussing and decide: We will start on Monday morning to keep us mobile over the weekend.

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