Regina, Saskatchewan – Ground squirrel and coyotes in the prairie

Highway hotline confirms this morning that TCH isn’t open yet. Together with the French we develop an alternative route, since we want to barbecue tonight together. With the prairies fauna changes as well. Prairie dogs don’t seem to be endangered; they zoom over the road forth and back, not always successfully. They are so many; I ask myself if they aren’t a nuisance like mice in Europe? The endless meadows are ideal terrain for coyotes. One of them crosses our way, two pack members flee into the high grass.

Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital with 170,000 inhabitants isn’t too exciting. We prefer to continue our way to the agreed meeting point with Francoise and Dominique. On the parking lot in the pretty Qu’Appelle Valley a royal deer watches us. Many of the designated pick-nick areas are equipped with grills. We just have to collect some wood to light our common barbecue.

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