Toronto, Ontario – Window-sightseeing at walking pace

This morning waves lash against the shore, rain drums on the beach. The water colour changed from transparent-blue to a milky green-brown. However, it is uniquely beautiful.

After discussing with many Canadians we decided not to go into Toronto but just cruise along the shore line to see the main buildings of the city. The 2.5 million inhabitants’ metropolis is good for shopping and nightlife, but that’s not exactly what we are intending to do. We arrive at 3:30 afternoon, in the middle of the rush hour. We take this advantage to just pass the city at walking speed and take pictures of the sky scrapers. Unfortunately the weather isn’t very kind to us today. Extremely low hanging clouds cover the tops of the high-rise buildings. We can only imagine the spire of CN Tower.

A couple of hours later we reach Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Victorian small town rightly received the award Prettiest Town of Ontario a couple of years ago. Thanks to a big amount of American tourists everything is quite expensive. 24 c$ plus tax and tip for a simple plate of Spaghetti Bolognese seem somewhat exaggerated.

At the edge of the village we find at least a parking lot that’s not subject to a charge at night.

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