A dream comes true: Myth Harley Davidson

Canada’s Government House looks like a castle. The neo-Gothic building sits enthroned on the Parliament Hill. The visitor’s tour is free of charge and leads through the House of Commons, the Senate, and the beautiful round library that holds thousands of books in carved precious wood shelves. The Peace Tower, a small issue of Big Ben, towers the complex that seems to be from the middle ages. Daily at noon the carillon sounds. With an elevator you reach the tower and can overview the city. Despite its nearly 900,000 inhabitants Ottawa seems cosy and green, not least due to the city council that forbade the construction of sky scrapers. After the visit Dan drives us to the seat of the Governor General. The Canadian deputy of the Queen resides befitting her status in a kind of palace surrounded by a huge public park.

The afternoon is not that relaxed. We have to rotate Arminius’ tyres to ensure equal wear and tear. Fortunately Dan helps us, but we still have to work a couple of hours. In the evening a dream comes true for Joerg: He may ride a Harley Davidson. First Myra’s small 900 cc, then Dan’s 1700 cc. With a broad grin Joerg indulges in his first beer.

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