Montréal, Québec – Fantastical or just a city?

Today is première day. We are sweating for the first time. The thermometer shows only 25°C, but the heat in a city feels different. On the way to Montréal we are stuck in a traffic jam for the first time. Friday’s rush hour is as bad as anywhere. And Arminius is the first time in a town with over a million inhabitants – 1.6 million to be exact. Parking for motorhomes is nearly impossible. We steer for a parking lot at the Marina in Vieux Port where we are allowed to stay until 6 o’clock next morning. There we are in the middle of the city and can walk on foot to all attractions. Unfortunately we didn’t know that there is not only the Cirque du Soleil beside but a disco that provides us with loud music until the early morning free of charge.

There is a lot of historical charm around Vieux Port and Vieux Montréal. Uncountable restaurants, arts galleries, painters, antiques and carpet shops settled here. We walk through downtown, Quartier Latin and China Town, and are happy that tourism season hadn’t started yet. Montréal’s special quality is the underground. It has more than 150 entrances, a more than 30 km long subterranean tangle of squares, streets and junctions with 1800 shops, 200 restaurants, connection to theatre, cinemas, hotels, the university, a church, shopping malls and several office blocks. Hundred thousands of commuters don’t even have to go outside on cold winter days.

Montréal is beautiful, Montréal is interesting. Mike and Mélie each described the city just with a sentence. Mélie guessed Montréal is fantastic. Mike said, well, it’s a city. Probably they are both right.

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