Amqui, Québec – Rebuilding for Arminius

Arminius slightly changed his appearance. There are only two aluminium boxes left on the roof, a third one is now situated in the rear above the spare tyre on an especially made mounting. Mike can weld, he’s got a welding gear, and so he and Joerg build a new back-box-support. We leave the fourth box including content behind; sometimes you have to separate something. We knew from beginning on that the roof load – despite only lightly packed boxes – would be probably too heavy overall. But we had to test off-road to be convinced. Fortunately  Mike and Mélie found us (searching information about Unimog on the internet he got our e-mail address via a network from Ian from Dartmouth), and we could solve a problem, eat tastily for three days, enjoy wine and beer, weld, inflate children’s swimming-pools, get the cat in and out, and whatever has to be done.

In the evening we set off. Lots of these convenience stores with gas station have a nice plot in the back. So we go the “gas-station-act”, ask friendly, put diesel, and may park overnight free of charge.

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