Amqui, Québec – We are squatters

In the middle of nowhere in Québec we are in front of a totally unknown house, belonging to totally unknown people, I am sitting at their dining table writing this blog. I am looking after the totally unknown cat that continuously wants to go in and out, as cats are. Travelling is pretty interesting but even more interesting is to meet people. Finally Mike and Mélie are drifting in, both kids, and the grandparents. We eventually get to know the people whose house we are occupying since two days. With relief we recognize that all of them, even the children, speak English what makes communication easier. That isn’t self-evident here. In rural areas only French is spoken. You could ask why the ambitions to learn English, to be able to communicate with the mainly English speaking rest of the country, doesn’t have the same level everywhere. Answer: It’s simply not necessary. Perhaps you imagine the size of the area: Québec is the largest of Canada’s provinces and nearly as big as Europe. Isn’t that reason enough?


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