Benjamin River, New Brunswick – Fiddlehead ferns on unplanned paths

Actually we should be on the way to Québec City. And actually we wanted to skip Gaspé Peninsula due to time reasons. The word actually means that things changed one more time. Instead we are here on a very beautiful lonely beach in New Brunswick, are cooking fiddlehead ferns and moose steak, watching birds with a binocular and drinking beer at a campfire. That happened as follows:

Yesterday late evening after dinner, when we already decided the plan for today, an e-mail arrived. Mike and Mélie from Gaspé Peninsula in Québec found our website. A couple of years ago they have done a world trip with motorbike and are now proud owners of a Mercedes Unimog to be remodelled as a camper. They invite us to their house. A phone call later on informs us that they will be at home just Sunday night. We want to visit them anyway to exchange experiences. They simply leave the key of the house for us.

Because we aren’t in a hurry, we go back to the sea to this pretty beach. And eat fiddlehead ferns. This is a speciality of the Canadian Maritimes. The young fern fronds of a certain non-poisonous fern must be picked during a two-week window before the fern unfurls. They are named for their appearance, which resembles the scroll at the head or top of a fiddle. You can cook or steam them and can be served like vegetables or salad, like green asparagus. Their taste reminds of green beans. They look pretty and are a really flavourful enrichment. 


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