L’Ardoise, Cape Breton Island – Three provinces in one day

After breakfast – of course with blueberry cake – we are heading to Prince Edward Island. Today is Victoria Day. It is always celebrated on the third Monday in May. At the same time Victoria Day introduces the summer. The weather seems to know that and is behaving accordingly. The sun is shining brightly from a 28°C warm pastel blue sky; the former British queen would have been pleased.  

Just in a couple of days the world changed completely for us: from snowy Labrador via stormy Newfoundland to summerly Nova Scotia where we now arrived. Nature steps on the gas, the season is short. All trees sprouted, fruit copse and lilac are blooming, on private plots perfect golf lawn is resplendent.

At the gas station diesel is below one dollar for the first time. Until now we paid between 1.02 and 1.28 c$.

A short trip guides us to Jost Winery in Malagash at Tatamagouche Bay. Jost immigrated from German Rhineland to Canada. Today he is the largest and most awarded winegrower in Nova Scotia. After a tasting we regret to be able to just take a few bottles – there is no more space for the vanilla-tasting white and the berry-like red.

We are leaving Nova Scotia und are going via New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island (PEI). The Confederation Bridge connects PEI since 1997 with the mainland. With 13 km it is one of the longest bridges of the world. Instead PEI is with 224 km length and six to 64 km width the smallest Canadian province. The population mainly lives from agriculture, especially stockbreeding and potato cultivation, as well as tourism in summer. The island is famous for its lobsters, oysters, and clams.

In Wellington we visit Natalie who acts as project manager for the local Katimavik group. She worked with us in Egypt as diving instructor a couple of years ago. Her groups are just changing now, so we have two days together where we can learn endlessly about Katimavik, Prince Edward Island and Canada.


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