Ferry Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia – Exploding pizza in the microwave oven

We travel back to North Sidney on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island on the MV Atlantic. The ferry on the journey there unambiguously has had its days. The Atlantic Vision on the other side is a motor vessel of the latest model. Its colourful interior simply puts you in a good mood. The interior designer must have spent many efforts on finding different fabrics and different colours for each chair.

For lunch you can choose to eat a lot at the buffet for a lot of money.  The other option is a self-service chiller cabinet where you can buy sandwiches and other convenient food and heat in a microwave oven on demand. I decide for a piece of pizza that does not turn hot even after using the recommended heating program twice. Impatiently I program a higher power level, and probably I exaggerate a bit. In the cooking chamber the vegetable cake enthusiastically resolves into its components. The friendly cashier immediately offers to clean the microwave. I trot away to spoon my exploded pizza.

On Cape Breton Island we land in another world. It has got 20°C, the tulips bloom and very normal cars instead of high clearance four-wheel driven pick-ups move on asphalt roads. Suddenly there are regular rubbish bins instead of bear proof massive wooden constructions.

We are looking for a small gravel track that Lissy doesn’t know. We hope to find a place to sleep there. We stop for a moment to ask for the direction as we stand on the summerhouse property of Leslie and John. Together we go in for a walk on the beach and eventually touch down at a neighbour’s house with chips and beer. Leslie is novelist, this summer one of her books shall be filmed. The two of them backed out from Montreal to Homeville to write in peaceful seclusion.

Check her website http://www.lesleycrewe.com and blog: http://lesleycrewe.wordpress.com

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