Corner Brook, Newfoundland – The city of the nearly-superlatives

Today is laundry day. Once more we returned to Mathews laundry in Corner Brook. The second largest city of Newfoundland is situated at one of the world’s biggest salmon rivers.

I feel that the clothes turn smaller after each tumble dryer treatment. This has the undeniable advantage that the clothes quasi automatically adapt to the minor body measures that appear during such a trip even with sufficient food supply. At least I don’t have to buy new clothing. We say goodbye to Carmelita and John, Newfoundland’s best and friendliest coin-laundry, while in the bay if Corner Brook the huge chimney of one of the world’s biggest paper mills smokes. 

On the way to Channel-Port-aux-Basques ferry harbour a sign warns us for new of accidents with moose. Last year it should have been 660. A hundred years ago moose were moved from Canadian mainland to the island to obtain food for the starving Newfies. At least this measure was effective.

Today Newfoundland appears gracious. The mostly foggy and stormy coast is aglow with sunlight in front of a blue sky.

For supper we fry a packet of moose steaks – we sincerely thank Chateau Pond. First, the steaks appear a bit bony and the tendons resist to be cut by a steak knife. But the big meat chunks in-between are unexpectedly really soft. The dark typical game tastes somehow between deer and bear with a hint of lamb. Anyway, delicious.

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