Blanc Sablon, Québec – Iceberg alley in front of the window

In the afternoon we are heading to Blanc Sablon to the Newfoundland ferry. Our freezer compartment is fully packed with moose steaks and fish. The guys go home for a long weekend. They switch off the generator and want to empty their freezer. They let us have some CDs as well since there is in parts no radio reception and our i-pod only wants to play audio books via cabin radio, and no more music. At farewell we all fight a small tear.

The sun is shining, but has got a halo. This usually announces a weather change. We ask for the exact local meaning and learn that the bad weather front is closer when the halo is small and the other way round. The front should not arrive before the night or the next day.

On the edge of the ferry harbour we stay overnight at the beach with view from our cabin window to icebergs that are illuminated by the sunset.

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