Ferry Newfoundland – Wales and rock on „the Rock“

On time at 11:30 a.m. the ferry to Newfoundland casts off. The MV Caribou needs exactly six hours for the 160 km from North Sidney to Port aux Basques. But then it is already 6 p.m. in Newfoundland; it is situated in another time zone, compared to Nova Scotia half an hour ahead. On the way we see a lot of Wales, probably Humpback and Minke Wales. Most of the time we just see the spout, sometimes fins and back.

Newfoundland welcomes us with typical weather: fog and wind. The 5°C mislead abouth the wind-chill factor which feels more like zero. The friendly young lady at the tourist information supplies us not only with important information, e.g. where we can get the freshest lobsters, she raves about her home country. Her daughter loves to travel, but she never leaves “the Rock” how Newfies call their country. She didn’t know anything else, so this was the most beautiful place on earth. She doesn’t appeal backwoods at all. She is pretty, has an up-to-date hair cut and – in contrast to most women I met here – she wears a light make-up. We tend to believe her.

Canada is the rock music country. On the radio they play ACDC for breakfast (and lunch and dinner). A radio station is called „The Rock of the Rock“.

We go north along the west coast – a moose. A couple of minutes later an Arctic hare hops away. In the wilderness we find a place to sleep with a wonderful view. Everywhere I see grey-white coat tufts, moose’s scraped off coat. But that night none of them visits us.

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