Digby, Nova Scotia – Lobster for lunch and turnovers for coffee

In the harbour of Cape St. Marys two fishermen offer us fresh lobsters from their catch of the day for 4.50 Canadian Dollars (c$) per pound. Probably they would have been open to an offer of 4 c$ because a kind local told us the market price. Also those young men complained about the economical crisis. A couple of years ago they got 9 or 10 c$ per pound, and they had 1000 pound in their baskets. Today there were just 150.

In Digby we tuck in lobster roll and scallop burger for lunch. Nature is much advanced than a few kilometres more east. Broom and tulips, magnolia and apple trees already bloom. The Digby Neck Scenic Drive across Digby peninsula offers one or the other view to a lake or an ocean bay, but mainly unspectacular forest landscape. For whale watching we would have to book a boat trip – but in the beginning of May everything is still closed.

In Annapolis Royal we discover a German bakery. Heiderose and Dieter Claussing from Zwickau are since eight years in Canada and self-employed since a couple of years. We buy sour dough rye bread; the blueberry and cherry turnovers are tasty handmade pieces and no industrial wares full of cheap shortening what we usually get in Germany nowadays. Besides Annapolis River bridge North America’s only seawater tidal power station gains electricity from the enormous tidal range of Bay of Fundy. The charming Annapolis Valley became Nova Scotia’s vegetable and fruit garden due to its mild climate. We stay overnight at the car park in front of Blomidon Provincial Park since park and associated campground are still closed.

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