Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – Pancakes, sausages and German immigrants

As we eventually open our cabin door at 8 a.m. Wally already
shouts that coffee and pancakes are ready. He serves sausages with them, orange
juice and raisin bagels with butter. What a rich breakfast. In the meanwhile
Vivian swamps us with self-made jewellery. We get a doggy bag with the left
Donair not to let us starve. Just before high noon we can split up with this delightful
pensioner couple.

We visit the village Mahone that is towered by high
pointed steeples of numerous churches. Lunenburg, a charming town founded 1753 by
German and Swiss Protestants was formed by shipbuilding and cod fishing.  A group of young people was looking for us
since half an hour. A friend notified them of a crazy car cruising around. They
finally catch us at a viewpoint. There Ursel und Gerd dig us up and invite us
for a coffee. The German couple immigrated to Nova Scotia nine years ago and they are not ambitious
to return to their home country. Eventually they took us to Rissers Beach
parking place where we can spend a lonely night. The beach is suited to long walks,
a wooden boardwalk invites to bird watching. The weather is changeable as
always. One minute fog comes like potage, the other moment the spook is gone
and the sun shines as it didn’t have done anything else.

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