Halifax, Nova Scotia – Acting dumb…

Most Canadians react irritated to my question for a SIM card for my mobile phone. The secret is disclosed a bit later in the agency of Canada’s largest mobile communications provider: They do not sell SIM cards, just pre-programmed mobile phones. But I don’t want to buy a new mobile, I’ve got one! Luckily there are competitors in Canada. They carry SIM cards as well.


„Acting dumb for five minutes is sufficient for your whole life“ is a German saying. In Canada just sitting and watching for maximum 30 seconds is more than enough to get help from a local. In front of the coffee shelves in the grocery I can’t take a decision. Immediately I get help: not only which brand to take but the sort as well. It’s on special offer at the same time, a bargain. I stand indecisively in front of a sandwich bar’s long menu as a natty man in his mid-thirties advises me: “I always take the day’s special, that’s my favourite.” A good bet. We quickly want to check the city map for the right direction as we are asked where we want to go. And of course we were given directions. Are all Canadians that nice?

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