London – Whitney, the non-singing singer

The Whitney Houston concert in London’s O2 Arena is nearly sold out that evening and starts for us with commotion. The tickets that we were fixed up with are for the concert the next day. The marshals there are nice enough not to evict us. We just have to exchange our seats in front of the stage to seats with a side view.

Whitney has got a cough. And not only that, she has got a bulk of other problems. The first costume’s t-shirt is too short, the second one’s dress is too long, and she has permanently to twitch her clothes which are too tight – but those are her minor problems. Whitney can’t sing, what is quite disadvantageous to a singer. Therefore she avoids that during the concert. She chats a lot, she delights us with speech songs, but the opulent background choir ladies have pretty voices. Whitney’s voice is husky, she’s got a cough. The tablets she takes in the meantime just help terminally. When she tries to sing she doesn’t strike the right note, the higher pitches became unattainable. She just sings the first notes of her former hits, some of them were modified to the limited pitch range of a voice damaged by drugs. She handles her problem charmingly. “I want, but my voice doesn’t”, she jokes. Most fans sympathize, but not all of them listen to the very end of the concert. Altogether 170 US$ entrance fee per person and 40 US$ parking fee are pretty expensive for a dubious pleasure.

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