San Martín Sacatepéquez, Guatemala – Road changes

Once again we jump in the hot water and under the icy shower. A 15-minute walk away following the eco trail there are two more and completely lonesome pools. The whole facility with rampant ferns, callas and other big-leafed plants along the slopes in an actually chilly cloud forest climate is pretty charming. Not less engaging is Volcán Chicabal. In San Martín a small road climbs the volcano, but suddenly the concrete path turns into a very steep field path from clay. No fun when it rains (we are in rainy season), especially when going downhill with an eight tons truck. Heaven sends a parking lot at the side of the road where we can overnight for 10 GTQ.

Parking lot at access road to Volcán Chicabal, N 14°48’29.2’’ W 91°38’53.0’’

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